Create Pathways out of Homelessness for NH Families

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Picture this: A mother and her child, living in their car, feeling hopeless and scared, with nowhere else to turn. Now picture being the person who changes their story.

This Giving Tuesday, you have the chance to transform the lives of local mothers and young children facing homelessness and other difficult pasts. Your gifts provide them with the shelter and support they need to get back on their feet and rewrite their futures.

Why is support so critical this year?

Nearly 4,700 people in New Hampshire experienced homelessness over the past year, 30% were individuals in families with children. And nationally, approximately 60% of homeless families were headed by single women with children. More single mothers and children are reaching out to us for help, and the need for safe housing is greater than ever.

But for them, your gift can change everything. Here are some of the many ways you can be a hero this Giving Tuesday:

  • Empowering more families: Your support enables mothers and children to leave behind environments of violence, substance use, life on the streets, and other challenging or traumatic pasts.
  • Creating homes: Your contributions set more families on the path to securing permanent housing.
  • Fostering brighter futures for children: With your help, more children can live in safe, stable, and supportive home environments, positively impacting their long-term social, physical, and emotional well-being.
  • Connecting mothers to employment: Your donations connect more mothers to stable employment

Stories of Transformation – Your Support Can Create This

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About New Generation

Many pregnant and single mothers have no place to call home because of domestic violence, substance use, mental health or other challenges. Through a family-oriented shelter, transitional housing, aftercare services and a variety of support programs, we help mothers get back on their feet and build self-sufficient futures with stable housing and jobs. For our residents, New Generation is a safe, caring and motivating environment where they can pursue their goals for a new beginning – and begin to rebuild the lives they want to live. Over the past 36 years, more than 1,700 families have been served through New Generation.