Our Impact

Breaking Cycles of Homelessness, One Family at a Time

We help break the cycle of homelessness by working alongside families to achieve major milestones that pave the way for transformative change in their lives:


Escaping environments of violence, substance misuse, trauma and other difficult life situations


Moving into permanent housing, and for many, the first time they have a home or apartment to call their own

Financial Stability

Gaining essential financial skills and tools, and securing stable employment that provides both short-term and long-term financial stability

Nurturing Environments for Children

Creating supportive, safe and healthy environments for our mothers to raise their children

A Stronger Community

Through full participation in all aspects of our programs, we build stronger and more resilient families and communities

Social Capital

Helping families to build and maintain strong support networks

Transforming Lives

In The Past Year:


collective resident nights of shelter were provided, helping young children and mothers move closer to a stable and better future.


children escaped homelessness as they and their mothers found safety, shelter and support at New Generation.


families  became more self-sufficient through our stabilization services, advancing their path towards independence.


of families who received stabilization services maintained their housing for a year, preventing a common reoccurrence of homelessness among single mothers and children.


of families we worked with moved out of shelter into permanent housing, demonstrating the transformation we can achieve together.

Stories of Success

Abi’s Story

After fleeing domestic violence, young mom Abi found herself homeless with an infant son. Little did she know at the time, but her life would change forever when she walked into New Generation.

Spenser’s Story

Securing a job. Staying sober. Getting her child back. And moving into a place they could finally call home. Through the up’s and down’s, Spenser never lost her determination. And today, it’s paid off.

Brandy’s Journey

Through hard work and perseverance, Brandy pulled her small family out of homelessness, with the support of New Generation.